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Staff Directory
Name Job Title Email Address
Tucker, Arletta Executive Director
Trussell, Gwen Business Administrator
Petruska, Jennifer Director of Academics-K4-4th
Llanas, Kelly Director of Academics-5th-8th
Van Deurzen, Sara Director of Special Ed
Ashley, Anthony Dean of Students
Barkley, Freda Accountant
Crenshaw, Laticia School Secretary-AM
Cooper, Felicia Executive Assistant
Crotteau, Marla Student Information Mgr.
Delvalle, Virginia School Secretary-PM
Ford, Deanna School Counselor
Gozdowiak, Julie IT Manager
Hintz, Gregg School Psychologist
Magruder, Karen Special Ed Admin. Assistant
Mcgee, Michelle School Secretary
Naus, Delta School Nurse
Baer, Amy 5th Grade Teacher
Blake, Kim KG Teacher Assistant
Botsch, Autumn Middle School & English Lanauge Arts Teacher
Brickhouse, Cassandra Middle School Science Teacher
Cabal, Odin Art Teacher
Castona, Melissa 2nd Grade Teacher
Christian, Cori 3rd Grade Teacher
Domash, David 6th Grade Teacher
Garza, Roberto Spanish Instructor
Gleason, Sarah 4th Grade Teacher
Graves, Kirsten 1st Grade Teacher
Hansen, Nick Kdg Teacher Assistant
Hensgen, Shawn Physical Ed
Hill, Teresa Orchestra
Hoffman, Deann K4 Teacher Assistant
Holdorf, Kathy 1st Grade Teacher
Knuth, Jamian 5th Grade Teacher
Leach, Christina (Chris) 6th Grade Teacher
Leininger, Laura 3rd Grade Teacher
Lester, Matthew 3rd Grade Teacher
Letendre, Sally 1st Grade Teacher
Maletis, Mark Teacher - MS - History
Matthews, Erin 2nd Grade Teacher
Mcelwee, Nora K4 Teacher
Mckagan, Julia Occupational Therapist
Miller, Cheryl 4th Grade Teacher
Miller, Tina 5th Grade Teacher
Mulready, Mathew Special Ed Teacher
Nelson, Cheryll Speech & Language
Newbery, Noel (Long Term Substitute For Leininger) 3rd Grade Teacher
Raboine, Erin Title 1 Math Specialist
Rathbun, April Title 1 Math Specialist
Richards, Erica 2nd Grade Teacher
Ruiz, Marie Kindergarden Teacher
Rutkowske, Heidi  Music Instructor
Schattschneider, Kathy Teacher - MS - Math
Schmidt, Debbie Kindergarden Teacher
Smith, Douglas Special Ed Teacher
Stoffel, Karla 5th Grade Teacher
Story, Beth Special Ed Teacher
Van Ert, Eric Computer Lab/Library
Puhr, Patrick Taher Chef
Berryman, Tonya Cafeteria Assistant  
Chapin, Mary Cafeteria Assistant  
Munguia, Mario Cafeteria Assistant  
Phillips, Kathy Cafeteria Assistant  
Davidson, Johnny Ray Custodian  
Harbach,  Dennis Custodian  
Johnson, Willie Custodian  
Bostick, Devron Lunch/Playground Supervisor  
Cameron, Randy Lunch/Playground Supervisor  
Fitch, Beverly Lunch/Playground Supervisor  
Hoffman, Joshua Lunch/Playground Supervisor